BEN LEE interviewed by BEN LEE

Q: Who are you and I and what are we all about?

A: You and I are Ben Lee. Musician. Producer. Professional Adventurer. Mischief-Maker. Contrarian. Believer in dreams. Cheeky bastard.

Q: You started making home-recorded music at the bizarrely early ages of 14 years old in Sydney Australia. Why?

A: The curious mix of suburban frustration, mystical delusion and pure ambition disguised themself as destiny and made it clear that it was my time to start singing for my supper. 

Q: Is there a central mission to the music you make? 

A: Rhythm and melody don't have a particular mission that I can articulate. They aim to make your body move, your heart sing, your mind dream. Music is kinda like psychedelics. It can take you somewhere you've never been if you let it. 

Q: You seem to be attracted to collaborating with mad-genius-types - Harmony Korine, Evan Dando, Tom Robbins, Daniel Johnston, Lena Dunham...why do you love these eccentric artists so much?

A: I have always been attracted to outsider thinkers, those who live on the slightly faster side of normal, on the outer realms of the imagination. They have committed to the expression of their song - no matter how unlikely or unusual their song may be. Its always an honor to be at the service of true artists! I have come to understand my own particular artistic lunacy through studying the artistic lunacy of others. Its ultimately our unique brand of madness that makes us interesting.

Q: Along with making solo albums, you have also diverted in other areas...tell me about these.

A: I have had lots of hobbies. At 19 I got certified as a Private Investigator. At 27 I became a hospice volunteer and death midwife. At 30 I built a house just to see if I could. At 35 I started selling essential oils because I always admired traveling salesman. These have all been fun adventures. But music is my blood. It always calls me back to it. Sometimes I walk away from it a little just to discipline my muse. Its like a seduction. Its important to keep the upper hand.

Q: What else?

A: That feels good. How did it feel to ask yourself these questions?

Q: Like trying to slow-dance with a hyperactive puppy.

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