My name is Benjamin Michael Lee. I was born in Sydney, Australia on September 11, 1978 at 1:19pm. The doctor was glad I came out before his afternoon golf game.

Unknown forces led to towards music at a young age. Yes it was in my family - my great uncle was the court violinist for Czar Nicholas in Russia, another was a gypsy musician called Sasha Berliner who hung out with Einstein in Berlin in the '20s. Maybe its the DNA thing, I'm not sure, but it manifest in an obsession with taping Pet Shop Boys songs off Sunday morning music video shows in the early 80s, idolizing Motley Crue and other hair bands as a 10 year old, and then eventually led me to punk rock, all-ages shows and the strange power of making as much noise as humanly possible.

It has been a strange dream - this musical life. I've made lots of albums, side projects, music for tv, movies, commercials, as well as produced other artists. But the through line is a constant quest to externalize the music in my head. My love of a perfect lyric set to the perfect melody. The simplicity/stupidity of repetition. Chords. Rhythm. Tone. The Joy of Sound!

I started off wanting to be a rockstar...that was a simpler dream. Im not sure what I want to be now. I like to play. I try to always feel like a child when I am making music. Innocent. Connected to my experience. But I also see the profound power of the imagination. The way music, like dreams, can open us to think in new ways. Artists have a big responsibility. To keep it light, but devastating, at the same time, if that makes sense. 

There is something naturally subversive about the urge to create in a world that sometimes feels a bit robotic. I have always wanted to make music for humans. Yep. I will keep doing that. Even when the world doesn't seem quite human enough. Maybe that's when outsiders like me can be of some use.

Thanks for your interest in my work. I know it can be a little overwhelming to start digging into the many records, side projects etc that I have made over the last quarter of a century. Some of it may resonate with you more than other stuff.

But to quote myself (try it if you ever get the chance! its  quite satisfying) from a song called "Ache for You":

"My love's confusing but it never gets dull"    ;)